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"These Sound FX sound amazing!" -Joshua... a happy Founders SFX Pack User

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Samplibrary Founders SFX Pack

Full Commercial Royalty- Free License granted to every owner! special requests please contact us.

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This Samplibrary Founders SFX Pack features custom-made high definition sound effects to help you create the perfect soundscape. With over 250 sound files taking up nearly 3GB of memory, the Samplibrary Founders SFX Pack provides a comprehensive source of high-quality samples for sound design projects. The full library includes access to the SUGGESTION ENGINE where you can request any sound to be recorded and added to your library!

Sounds include: birds, seagulls, crickets, cars, downtown ambiences, water, waves, car screeching wheels, horse and buggy, walking on gravel Foley, crunching boots in the winter snow, pickup trucks, doors creaking and closing, drawers, whooshes, knife scrapes, clerks bells, factory chains swinging, chainsaws, lawn mowers, weed whackers, table saws, band saw, cnc machines, tow motors, heavy equipment front end loader, rock crusher, beach waves, boats and seadoo, crackling fire, air hiss, ambulance approaching, scraping ice, Brewing coffee pot, branches snapping, bus station, busy intersection, button clicks, pop can crush, infiniti G37 x, windshield wipers, cash register, cat pur, cellphone rings and vibrate, industrial circuit breaker, snow blower, snow shovel, snow plow, ice skating, coffee shop ambience, skidoo snowmobile, sledding, tobogganing, zamboni, construction ambience, door bell, dryer spinning, ducks quacking, elevator sounds, farm rain ambience, fire truck pass by, garage door, garbage truck, glass clank, foot steps on gravel, foot steps on cement, fire arm hammer pullback, helicopter, husqvarna polesaw, airport jet taking off, metal garbage can smash, M1911 hammer mag trigger pull slide, bic lighter spark, metal noises, motorcycle, tearing paper, chirping birds, pouring a glass, propane blow torch, railroad train tracks crossing gates, rock splashing in water, rumble, thunder, rustling papers, air plane, sink running water, smoke alarm, ice pellets winter snow storm ambience, spray paint, striking a match, street bike, tape measure, toilet flushing, transport truck air brakes, treefrogs, beach water waves crashing, whooshes, wood smack, zippers, metal impact,      


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Access The Entire Library

When you purchase the Founders SFX Pack, you get access to our entire library of High-Quality sound effects, including everything from ambience sounds in public spaces to animal noises, Foley effects, machinery, sports, sound FX and more PLUS ALL NEW PACKS EVER ADDED TO THE SITE!

Automatic Updates

Whenever a sound is added to the Founders SFX pack, owners will receive an email as a subscriber with a link to upgrade their library files with the new samples added.

Full Royalty-Free License for commercial & non-commercial users

We give you full unlimited usage rights defined directly on our website menu downloadable in PDF form for safe keeping!

Discounts & Goodies

As a subscriber, receive exclusive discounts and promotions on other Samplibrary products and partnerships in the future

Get Ready..

For sound effects that can capture the essence of your project with ease. With Samplibrary, you'll have access to the absolute newest
and best sound effects on the market, and with our free updates, your library
will continue to grow over time. Join us today and take your audio projects to the next level!

  • Instant download

    On the receipt page, you will be given a download link to download the library right away. As well, you will receive and email with a link to download the product.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    Chances are, you've heard some of the awesome sounds of Samplibary if you're here! If you have any problems, concerns please contact us right away so we can resolve your specific issue, we want to make sure your experience here is epic