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Create believable soundscapes with a diverse collection of hand-crafted real world recordings

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New sounds are added to the library FOR FREE regularly for a one-time price


by using the SUGGESTION ENGINE to request specific custom sounds!

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Vast Sound Effects Collection: Explore a diverse range of expertly recorded sound effects in 96khz 24 bit wav format

Unrivaled Studio Quality: Crafted by an industry professional A.K.A The Wizard with cutting-edge equipment, Our sound samples meet the highest standards in film, tv and advertising.

Seamless DAW Integration: Effortlessly incorporate our sound effects into your projects with a simple download file in .wav format - drag and drop or spot to selection easily!

Regular NEW sounds for free: Stay ahead of the competition with fresh new additions to our Sound Library as we add FREE sound effects via updates!

Flexible Royalty- Free Licensing: A Royalty-free license that suits all your SFX needs, from personal to commercial use.

Founders SFX Pack Users Get...

Current Sound Library Size: 2.79 GB UNCOMPRESSED 272 files 90 minutes of total audio + THE SUGGESTION ENGINE

This sound effects fx library was recorded in 96khz 24 bit using professional grade shotgun and stereo condenser microphones. Outdoor sounds were recorded by Zoom F series Professional grade mobile interfaces and other more effect type sounds were recorded in our custom treated studio using focusrite studio preamps to bring you stunning, real life sounds to your fingertips while producing films, music, games, television commercials or any type of digital content requiring high quality sound.


Buzzer Sound Effects - Farm Sounds - Car Sounds - Aviation - Guns - Household Sounds - Industrial Sounds - Construction - Nature - Ambiences - Whooshes - Bell Sound Effects - Tools - Yard Work - Chainsaw Sound Effects NEWLY ADDED Winter Sounds!

Samplibrary Commercial 2023

  • Authentic Real World Sound Effects

    Sounds are Sourced in Nature out in the real World using microphones so each sound is custom

  • High Definition Sounds

    All sound effects are recorded with professional equipment that you would find on set during a hollywood film

  • Profesionally Edited

    Sound Samples are finished and finalized/processed in a world class mastering grade mix studio in Ontario Canada by

    audio engineer Chris Collins