About Samplibrary

Once upon a time, there was a passionate sound designer named Chris who had a dream of creating the ultimate HD sound effects library. This library would be filled with the most realistic and high-quality real world and nature sounds, so that anyone could use them in their projects and bring their work to life.

One day, the sound designer set out on a journey to capture the beauty of nature, one sound at a time. He traveled to different places, from the lush forests to the snowy mountains, to busy downtown streets and recorded everything he heard. He was determined to bring back the best recordings for his library, which he named Samplibrary.

With each sound he captured, the library grew bigger and bigger. He made sure to record everything in stunning HD 96khz 24 bit, so that the sounds would be of the highest quality. He also made sure to document his journey on TikTok, showing his followers the different places he visited and the sounds he captured.

At the same time, Chris offered his subscribers the ability to ask for specific sounds that he would then attempt to go out and find to add to the library. He wanted his sounds to actually be used and not just sit on a harddrive.

People became fascinated by the sound designer's journey and the amazing sounds he brought back. They couldn't wait to use them in their own projects. The sound designer's dream had finally come true, and Samplibrary became the go-to library for anyone looking for the most realistic new sounds.

The end



We are excited to announce a partnership deal with Soul Family Entertainment who is launching a sample platform for beats, presets, samples and sounds in a couple months. Samplibrary was selected to be one of 200 suppliers of sound bytes!