Creator Report 2023 5 Things Every Content Creator Needs To Know About Sound Effects In 2023

What Are Sound Effects and How To use Them

With the advancement of social media networks  and video creation becoming a necessity for everyday users, algorithmic reach and views has become somewhat of a 'Golden Unicorn' to make a viral video.

Sound effects can be used to add a layer of enhancement and excitement to video content by using audible transitions between video clips, soundscapes in the background of a video scene or more pointed effects like barks, smashes, glass, dings etc. For theatrical effects.

Sound effects are auditory enhancements that add depth, realism, and emotional impact to various forms of media, such as movies, TV shows, video games, podcasts, and more. They are created and utilized to simulate real-world noises, events, or actions that contribute to the overall sensory experience of the audience. Sound effects serve several important purposes:

  1. Enhancing Realism: Sound effects are used to mimic natural or everyday sounds, making scenes more authentic and relatable. For example, footsteps on different surfaces, door creaks, or car engines starting.

  2. Creating Atmosphere: Sound effects establish the mood, setting, and environment of a scene. Whether it's the bustling city streets, a serene forest, or a hauntingly eerie dungeon, the right sound effects can transport listeners to different worlds.

  3. Emphasizing Actions: Sound effects can emphasize actions, movements, and interactions within a scene. A punch, a gunshot, a swooshing sword - these effects make visual actions more impactful and engaging.

  4. Indicating Transitions: Sound effects are also employed to mark transitions between scenes or events, helping to guide the audience through the narrative. Examples include a door slam indicating a sudden change or a clock ticking during a suspenseful moment.

  5. Providing Information: Sound effects often provide vital information that might not be immediately visible on-screen. For instance, the sound of a phone ringing informs the audience about an incoming call, even before it's shown visually.

  6. Building Tension and Suspense: Well-placed sound effects can build tension and suspense, enhancing the emotional experience of the audience. This is commonly seen in horror movies where subtle sounds heighten the sense of impending danger.

  7. Elevating Storytelling: Sound effects complement storytelling by adding layers of meaning and nuance. They can hint at hidden emotions, foreshadow events, or provide context that enriches the narrative.

  8. Engaging the Audience: Sound effects captivate the audience's attention, making the viewing or listening experience more captivating and immersive. This is particularly crucial in interactive media like video games.

Examples of sound effects include footsteps, door slams, gunshots, explosions, animal calls, weather elements (thunder, rain), vehicle sounds (car engines, airplane takeoffs), and a wide array of futuristic or fantasy-inspired sounds (teleportation, laser blasts).

Most everyday social media creators are just beginning to use mobile video editors to make their videos, so we can imagine how daunting it is to understand the use of sound effects on top of learning how to use the video editor to finish clips.

We created a tutorial guide with easy to follow pictures and steps to show you how to add a sound effect to a video easily! 

It is available here: 

When you choose our sound effects, you're not just adding audio embellishments; you're incorporating moments frozen in time, from the subtle rustle of leaves in a serene forest to the heart-pounding roar of engines on a bustling city street. Our commitment to authenticity means that every footstep, every door creak, every echoing drip of water has been captured on location, providing your projects with an unparalleled level of realism.

Whether you're a filmmaker looking to breathe life into your scenes, a game developer aiming to immerse players in a dynamic virtual world, or a podcaster seeking to transport listeners to distant places, our hand-recorded sound effects are the key to unlocking a universe of sensory experiences. Elevate your storytelling with the genuine sounds of life – explore our catalog and let our passion for authentic audio transform your projects into true masterpieces.


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