More samples

Tonight we did a little effect type samples in the studio with a Pringles chips can, a trowel, a box of KD, a pill bottle and a solder iron holder coil!!!

These epic new sound effects are available as part of the Founders SFX Pack added as an automatic update for all current owners.

We dreamt of a day when you could "phone up" your sound designer when you had a specific sound you needed to have them record it, edit the sample down, and send it back to you to use.

The other option is to search online or in your other libraries for a sound and bend it to fit usually. 

Now, as owners of Samplibrary Founders SFX Pack, you can have this exact feature for free for life! we dare you to try it out and we have professional engineers ready to record your custom sounds right now

We do our best to add new free sounds to the full library as inspiration suits - all free for our amazing users to regularly have new content to work with in a flooded content creation digital ecosystem to have an edge on the competition.

As a matter of fact, there should be a few samples being added right now!!

Cheers to many epic new creations whether you morph, twist, or just use the sounds to enhance your projects!

- Chris the owner





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